You want to present your company in an impressive way? You want to show both your employees and your customers that you believe in what you do? With our stunning corporate LED solutions it is no problem at all.


Public Information Displays

Public Information Displays sweeten the wait – whether at the bus stop, the train station, or the airport. Public Information Displays bring entertainment to countless public places and thus provide a positive experience for the viewers. Alternatively, from a practical point of view, they ensure that the viewers quickly receive the information relevant to them.

Digital Direction Systems

Guide the viewers, lead them with extraordinarily shaped signposts. Display necessary information in a colorful way.

Entrance Areas

Let visitors know what is waiting for them. A screen in your entrance area welcomes every visitor with the information they are interested in. It indicates the current location in the building or guides visitors to their destination. Or it simply serves to entertain guests. In any case, it ensures that visitors feel they are being well taken care of.

Conference and Meeting Rooms

Get the attention of your clients and employees the very moment they set foot in your conference room with one of our indoor LED solutions. Fascinate them with a presentation in High Definition and brilliant colors, and make a lasting impression.

Projects from the Category “Corporations”