And then there was light. Nowadays, light designers and architects are conceiving some truly awesome creations in public spaces. Boring, grey buildings are transformed into glowing sculptures. But is it all just a facade? Far from it! Interior spaces also receive their fair share of special features.


Media Facades

Our media facades give a touch of glamour to any building. A media facade turns a simple building into a lighthouse in the urban ocean. In one fell swoop, boring office buildings are transformed into works of art, dreary tower blocks into gigantic advertising columns, and monotonous purpose-built edifices into popular postcard scenes. Media facades therefore transform not only the attractiveness of buildings, but also their popularity.

Amorphous Displays

Amorphous displays let you go around. They make it possible to realize curved and round shapes in LED installations. They deliver panache and exclusivity wherever a square display simply isn’t enough.

Semi-transparent Displays

Semi-transparent displays allow you to see the other side. They are ideal for effectively dividing a room. They become living walls with constantly changing faces and captivate their beholders. They also allow you to see the other side of the venue and thus produce a completely new sense of space.

Media Installations

Like art from the future – this is how media installations are meant to look. They add the finishing touch to architectural gems and are the icing on the cake for modern works of art. Embedded in spectacular buildings, they breathe life into the constructions they adorn.

Projects from the Category “Creative”