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A conference and meeting centre without LED technology?
Inconceivable. The company Kuchem Konferenz Technik from Königswinter thought the same and triggered the medial equipage of the World Conference Center in Bonn (WCCB) by state-of-the-art LED video display systems. The former Bundestag shall be equipped with two high-resolution LED screens to show important information of the events and to play high-quality video content in full-HD resolution.


One each on the right and left side of the federal symbol, the eagle, in the new plenar hall S[quadrat] GmbH installed two 13 m² S[quadrat] SI TV [2 SMD] NT Light indoor LED video displays with full-HD resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels. The pixel cards are assembled onto tailor-made rental modules with a size of each 0,4 m width x 0,3 m height. In the plenar hall the S[qudrat] team mounted the display modules onto 1,5 m high blended pedestal bodies. However, they can also stand on a different platform or free on the ground or can be hung. Thus the two high-resolution LED displays are flexible in use and can be employed for many different events.


October 2013

Technical Data:
2 x S[quadrat] SI TV [2 SMD] NT Light Indoor LED Video Displays

2 x (4,8 m x 2,7 m) = 25,9 m²