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A sporty and creative project reached us from our partner
Panasonic US: a design & build order for the Basketball Practice
Facility of West Virginia University in the USA. Two extraordinary
displays shall provide information in the Central Atrium. One of
them is desired as a circumferential LED display to be installed
directly underneath the ceiling of the circular room. The other
display is planned to be curved next to the stairs and with a height
of 4m. Therefore special aluminium frames are required and their
mounting has to be coordinated exactly to the progress of the dry
construction in the Central Atrium.


The team of Panasonic US takes care of the implementation of
the LED boards. Our team is in charge for the design, planning
and static calculations as well as the integration of the curved
aluminium frames for the ring-shaped LED display and the
LED wall. During the installation on-site in Morgantown, WV
our service team worked together closely with Panasonic.
Thanks to the great teamwork the assembly ran smoothly.

November 2011

Panasonic US

Tecnical Data:
Aluminum frame & housing

7,68 m x 4,32 m = 33,18 m²
34,56 m x 0,72 m = 24,88 m²