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At Place de Madeleine in Paris a new, giant C&A fashion flagship store will open. Part of the new store concept are digital shop windows to make the store more interesting for passers-by. Hereby the correct viewing angle, the favorite viewing distance and of course the optimal brightness are enormously important for the decision of the right display technics. In the end the displayed offers and advertising films shall lead the customers into the store.

As one of the leading providers in the field of LED video display systems S[quadrat] GmbH quickly found the suitable product. We installed four 4 m² S[quadrat] SO [10] NT Light LED shop window screens into each of the four chosen shop windows. Due to the given requirements these displays are a combination of a housing for indoor use equipped with LEDs for outdoor application. These ensure the perfect brightness. Complemented by our proved SX [BrightnessControl] system for automatic brightness regulation we can guarantee perfect image quality even in changing visibility conditions. Additional protection can be achieved by our monitoring system SX [TempControl]. Temperature sensors monitor the display housing and react as soon as the temperature is beyond the normal range that can be defined individually. The control room will be informed immediately and the concerned LED display can be disconnected full-automatically. Therefore these preventive measures extend the lifetime of the entire display system and a continuous reliable operation is ensured.

November 2013

Technical data:
4 x S[quadrat] SO [10] NT Light LED shop window displays

4 x (2,56 m x 1,6 m) = 16,4 m²