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Circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet, South France is modernized to host Formula 1 races again. Live broadcasts shall be shown on the center located LED displays. Furthermore, the screens need to display advertising and racing information. In Le Castellet the LED displays face a particularly large number of hours of sunshine and must be prepared for it.


S[quadrat] GmbH installed a total of four fix SO [10 SMD] NT LED video displays for the circuit at a 15 m high, specially made pylon. The two 21 m² main screens will show live broadcasts and advertisement in a 16:9 ratio. Two vertically aligned, 6 m high LED bars at the stand of the pylon will display racing information like positions and the number of labs. The maintenance levels, where the service can be carried out from the backside of the displays, are located in the inside of the pylon.
A pixel pitch of 10 mm is ideal to show the desired content. The chosen SMD LEDs ensure the required homogeneity and a wide viewing angle. Therefore, also the drivers can recognize the image content. Moreover, 6 mm long shaders protect the diodes well against the strong sunlight and improve the contrast. S[quadrat]‘s SX[BrightnessControl] regulates the brightness of the displays automatically according to the current light conditions.
On 24th June, 2018 the first Formula 1 race took place after 28 years. Thus, the LED displays already proved themselves shortly after their completion.

June 2018

Technical data:
S[quadrat] SO [10 SMD] NT LED video displays

Sizes: 2 x (6,08 m x 3,52 m) = 42,8 m²2 x (0,96 m x 6,08 m) = 11,67 m²