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In Uster in Switzerland a new indoor swimming pool is being created to be Switzerland’s biggest public pool. The section for the Olympic pool requires a light-intensive scoreboard to present the swimming results. It must withstand the specific light conditions and also resist the high air humidity.


To meet all exceptional requirements of an indoor pool we chose S[quadrat] SO [10 SMD] NT Light LED modules. Thanks to a special microcoating they reach protection class IP 66. Thus the 12 m² LED video display is protected against strong water jets. With a brightness of 6,000 cd/m² and an automatic brightness control developed by S[quadrat] the images will be shown optimally. The LED display is controlled with our taylor-made content management system SX [SportBox]. The person in charge can enter easily the results and information of swimming competitions into the user-friendly software. Moreover, in-game media like promotion and advertising are also possible.

October 2016

Technical data:
S[quadrat] SO [10 SMD] NT V4
Size: 4.48 m x 2.56 m = 11.47 m²