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France prepares for the European Football Championship in 2016. Thus also Nice gets a new UEFA football and rugby stadium, Stade Allianz Riviera. Such stadium, already praised during its planning, of course demands a high-end LED video system. Accordingly two huge LED video display shall be installed at the upper tier to show match broadcasts, important information and advertisements. Additionally, a reliable LED perimeter system is required for the sideline.

In consultation with the supervisors on-site in Nice we already mounted our steel constructions at the upper tiers in April. Several weeks later we could finally install the LED display modules with their electrical and controlling equipment. We designed the steel structures for the two ordered 46 m² S[quadrat] SO [20] NT video displays to be connected to the concrete of the tribune. Moreover, we equipped the housing structure with steel sheathing. This enables to enlarge the size of the LED displays up to 75 m² for the European Football Championship in 2016. The displays are controlled by S[quadrat]’s SX [ScoreboardTV] content management software in French specifically for football and rugby games.
After the completion of the stadium we could set up our 166 m long S[quadrat] SOP [20] NT Light perimeter for advertisements on the sideline. It is controlled by our proved SX [PerimeterTV] content management system.


July/August 2013

Project partner:
Sony Europe

Technical Data:
2 x S[quadrat] SO [20] NT Light
1 x S[quadrat] SOP [20] NT Light

2 x 46 m²'
166 m x 0,8 m = 133 m²

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