Archhoefe Shopping Center

The Archhoefe shopping center in Winterthur, Switzerland, opened in 2013. At that time we installed an outdoor display with 8mm pixel pitch. Now, after seven years of continuous operation, we replaced it with one of our modern SO [6 SMD] displays.

Archhoefe Shopping Center



In 2013 a new shopping center, the Archhöfe, was built in the middle of Winterthur, Switzerland. An LED video display on the northern facade of the new building was installed to show a variety of content promoting the activities of tenants within the shopping mall as well as current events and news from the town of Winterthur and is used in a 24/7 hourly operation.
An 8mm Outdoor LED advertising display was installed flush with the outer wall of the Archhöfe.

After 7 years of successful operation it was decided that the 8mm Outdoor screen needed to be replaced by the latest LED display technology using a higher resolution system to ensure that in the future first-class advertising messages can be displayed.


We replaced the 2013 system with nearly 22 m² of the latest 6mm Outdoor LED video display and equipped it with S[quadrat]´s latest controlling components. The new modules were adapted to the existing steel construction. With a refresh rate of 3,000 Hz and a brightness of 6,000 cd/m² the new product is perfect for outdoor advertising showing excellent viewing angles and resolution.

S[quadrat]´s SX [Brightness Control] system adjusts the brightness levels automatically in line with changing ambient light conditions and guarantees perfect image quality.

Additionally, the LED display solution is supplied with an ‘in-house’ designed temperature monitoring system, to permanently monitor various sectors of the display and compare them with predefined values. Action can be taken to ensure the screen is maintained at the required operating temperatures and if an automatic switch-off limit is reached, the system will control the power supply to the concerned sector respectively or the complete LED display system to switch it off in a managed way. This system is a very effective fire prevention solution for extreme situations.

Technical Data

September 2020
SO [6 SMD] LED-Video display
3.46 m x 6.34 m = 21.9 m²

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