Brainlab AG, Munich

Equipping Brainlab AG with media technology was a major project of which we can look back with pride.

Brainlab AG, Munich



Where once planes took off, a five-storey office and production complex now offers 24,500 square metres of space for a growing workforce. The new complex not only offers plenty of space for employees, but also a central showroom where the company’s products are presented. This gives the medical technology company the opportunity to invite its customers to events, training courses and demonstrations in the main building.
Other improvements include equipping 58 new meeting rooms with the latest technology to support internal training sessions that prepare employees for new customer business and services.

“We faced a mammoth project before we could move to the new location,” recalls Florian Hoffmann, Director of R&D Platforms. “The old tower had to be rebuilt, the new building had to be constructed and the employees had to move without any significant disruption to our business. For expansions such as media technology, we had a tight schedule of only one year and therefore needed strong partners on board.

It was a particular challenge to create a suitable backdrop for the listed tower: “The monument protection authorities were very accommodating when it came to our conversion work. It was therefore all the more important for us to preserve the charm of the popular building and at the same time breathe new life into it. That’s why we decided to create a unique and exclusive venue in the upper part of the tower. In the lower part, we wanted to create two excellent meeting rooms for board meetings and customer presentations,” explains Hoffmann.


After joint planning discussions, 22 x 55″ NEC X554UNV monitors and nine X555UNS PG 55″ displays were installed in the demo area on the ground floor. Visitors can experience Brainlab’s hardware and software products live and gain an insight into the finer points of medical technology – without thick bezels that would disturb the appearance. In the auditorium on the other side of the entrance hall, two NEC PX1004UL laser projectors generate cinema-quality images for top-class customer and employee presentations. Laser diodes combined with a high-quality phosphor wheel ensure an operating time of over 20,000 hours at low total cost of ownership and without filter changes. 45 x 55″ NEC X551UHD UHD displays and eight NEC X401S 40″ displays are used in the 46 meeting rooms of the new building.

Technical Data

Delivery: July 2017
22 x X554UNV
9 x X555UNS PG
Modular Touch System 55“
2 x PX1004UL
3 x PX803UL
1 x X651UHD-2 IGT
8 x X401S
1 x X981UHD-2
2 x P502HL
47 x OPS-Sky-i7v-d8/64/W7p
45,1 m2 8mm LED Boards indoor
45 x X551UHD
3 x X651UHD-2

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