Eurotransit Terminal, Kazakhstan

For the continuous and error-free operation of LED displays, it is becoming increasingly important to monitor the operating temperature of all electronic components and to provide decentralized information about abnormal operating conditions. This, of course, also applies to the displays we installed in the Eurotransit Terminal in Kazakhstan.

Eurotransit Terminal, Kazakhstan


About the Project

We have equipped the 38 LED video displays installed at the Eurotransit Terminal in Kazakhstan with our self-developed, proven warning system SX [TempControl], the associated SX [On/Off] switch-on and switch-off system and display heaters. Thus we can offer reliable safety and high quality standards.


Timely warning as soon as the temperature is outside the normal range is crucial for reliable fire protection. Sensitive semiconductors can be better protected by early detection of defective fans or contaminated ventilation ducts. Thus the service life of the entire system is extended by this preventive measure.

The temperatures are displayed by a traffic light application in the rack and in the software in the control room. Temperature monitoring includes two temperature ranges: one for low overtemperature, which triggers a graphical warning and an audible signal, and one for high overtemperature, which shuts down the entire system. In such a case, the power supply to the display is immediately switched off fully automatically. Switching off the entire power supply in the sub-distribution stops the power supply and reduces the risk of smouldering fire and fire spreading.


The detached panel allows safe and convenient switching on of the LED video displays and disconnection from the power supply. The sequential commissioning prevents power peaks. Switching can be done either via a button on a 3U master unit in the control cabinet or via the Internet. The SX[On/Off] software also has an operating hours counter and can be extended with further customer-specific functions.

Technical Data

Delivery: Dezember 2017
38 x S[quadrat] SO [16 RGB] NT
1 – 4 (free-standing): 11.2 m x 6.4 m = 71.68 m²
5 – 38 (integrated): 5.12 m x 1.92 m= 9.8304 m²

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