DB-Fußgängertunnel, Hamburg

We installed three LED video displays for the modernization of the Deutsche Bahn tunnel at the Dammtor S-Bahn station in Hamburg.

Hamburg Railway Tunnel

Indoor, Outdoor


The LED video displays had to be installed in an existing tunnel at the Dammtor S-Bahn station in Hamburg. This tunnel is used as a passageway to the nearby botanical garden. Furthermore, it is important for the facade integration that the LED wall can be maintained from the front.


A total of three LED video displays will be installed. Two inside the tunnel with a pixel pitch of 2.8 mm and one outside with a pixel pitch of 4 mm.

The indoor displays were installed on the left and right side of the tunnel. The LED modules were mounted on a specially designed flat substructure that is completely flush with the façade, as a result there is no indication that the displays were installed retrospectively. The extremely thin modules of the S[quadrat] Slim series are magnetically attached to the substructure.

All three LED displays are fed with images and videos from the nearby Botanical Garden.

All screens are controlled by just one Apple Mac Pro.

S[quadrat]´s SX [Brightness Control] system provides the automatic brightness regulation and guarantees perfect image quality even in changing outdoor light conditions for the screen with 4 mm pixel pitch.

Technical Data

Delivery: September 2020
S[quadrat] LED-S028i (Inside)
Size: 11 m x 1.28 m = 14.37 m²
4.48 m x 1.28 m = 5.73 m²

S[quadrat] LED-S040e (outside)
Size: 2.56 m x 2.56 m = 6.55 m²

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