Straubing Tigers

The Straubing Tigers, who play in the German Ice Hockey League (DEL), shall receive a new LED video cube and an LED ring underneath for their home ground.

Display at the Straubing Tigers



The Straubing Tigers, who play in the German Ice Hockey League (DEL), shall receive a new LED video cube and an LED ring underneath for their home ground. The existing LED screens have become obsolete and urgently need to be replaced. Finally, game information, flashbacks and advertisements should be presented reliably and in the best quality. As in many roofed sports venues, the load-bearing capacity of the roof sets the limits in the design of the new video technology in the “Eisstadion am Pulverturm”.

After the realisation of the LED display systems in the interior, another investment in LED technology is planned: The high-frequency outdoor area of the ice stadium offers a lot of potential for additional advertising revenue. An LED pylon with an optimal pixel pitch should provide the desired advertising space.


During ice hockey summer break 2017, S[quadrat] GmbH, now part of Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH, installed the LED video cube with a total LED display area of 45.6 m² and the LED ring with a display area of 7.6 m². All LED screens have a pixel pitch of 6 mm. The four 11.4 m² LED screens of the eight-sided video cube each have a resolution of 720 x 440 pixels. The resolution of the LED ring with a circumference of 16 m is 2,640 x 80 pixels. The LEDs of both systems were already provided with a special protective coating in the factory in order to be prepared against the expected humidity. The total weight of the two display systems is less than 5.5 t, of which about 3 t is attributable to the steel construction, the precision frame and the cladding.

The LED video cube and the LED ring are operated by the user-friendly SX[SportBox] ice hockey content management system. It is very easy to display and adapt all game information, line-up, animations and advertisement.

At the beginning of 2021, the LED pylon in front of the stadium could also be installed. The 11 m² outdoor display with a pixel pitch of 4.8 mm consists of 27 tailor-made LED modules. The modules of different sizes have been fixed to an aluminum precision frame before they were attached to the stele provided on site. Thanks to a brightness of up to 5,000 cd/m², the advertising content is displayed perfectly even in direct sunlight. Customized brightness sensors and the accompanying software S[quadrat] SX[BrightnessControl] automatically regulate the brightness of the display according to the environmental brightness. The content currently consists of changing images that display information or advertisements. The Sedna Content Management System, which was specially designed for digital signage applications, is used here. An adapted expansion also makes it possible to broadcast the game and current scores from the stadium live.

Technical Data

Delivery: June 2017
Products and sizes:
S[quadrat] SI[6 SMD] NT Light LED Video Cube: 45.6 m²
S[quadrat] SI[6 SMD] NT Light LED Ring: 7.6 m²

Delivery: February 2021
Product and size:
LED-LX048e LED outdoor screen: 11 m²

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