Have your shop, your mall or your flagship store presented in a meaningful way. Use our outdoor displays to make people stop and come into your sales room. Then let our indoor screens draw the attention of everyone to your products and offers. They make it possible to display content specific to the target group at any time and thus to achieve the maximum benefit for you as an advertiser.


LED Walls & Window Displays

A screen’s power of attraction is phenomenal. Equip your salesrooms with our displays and impress your customers. Because what can be more impressive than seeing advertising spots, which are already known from TV, now on a supersize display? With stunning display advertising you increase the amount of spontaneous purchases for sure.

Stair and Ticker Displays

Continuous information. This is the most attractive characteristic of these banners. Such installations enable you to show a lot of information in a small space. Of course, you can also play videos and show images which will be brought to life by the stair and ticker displays. This way you can be sure of your customers’ attention. Additionally, interesting content invites to linger longer.

Sales Counters

Bar and counters equipped with integrated LED displays are genuine eye catchers in your salesrooms. They show interesting spots or attractive offers and become real entertainment centers right in the middle of your shop.

Steles and Pillars

LED steles and pillars are like lighthouses for your customers. They provide the right orientation in your salesrooms. They transport your message directly to the customers. We offer LED steles in various sizes and resolutions. The same applies to our pillars. These, however, require a minimum diameter of 1 m.

Projects from the Category “Retail”