Six-Point Service

In the past   years, we have implemented numerous major projects worldwide and are distinguished by the service, knowledge, quality and reliability of our display solutions. Bring your ideas to life with us, we are there for you from the first planning step.

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1. Consulting

Do you have a rough idea of what your project should look and work like? We have the expertise to implement it. We are happy to advise you in detail and take over the planning for your project.

2. Design

Our engineers create a detailed plan, calculate the statics and select the ideal LED modules for your project.

3. Production

Every project requires a customized solution. This applies to displays as well as the associated brackets and substructures. We produce all the components ourselves, to make sure that everything fits perfectly in the end.

4. Construction

The most important factors for a smooth process are our local specialists. Their knowledge and flexibility make them guarantors of an on-time performance.

5. Training

Our trainers are real experts. They pass on their knowledge of the display system to the people who are responsible for the operation, making them experts, too.

6. After-Sales Service

After the project, you can rely on us just as much as during the project. Whenever you need us, we will immediately be there and solve the problem – this is a promise!


Our in-house R&D unit is constantly developing new products and optimizing existing systems. Therefore, we can continuously expand our technical lead and find new display solutions.

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