It doesn’t matter if it's a marriage proposal in front of millions or a buzzer-beating goal to win the match, stadium displays deliver more than just sharp images – they convey emotion. With this in mind, we’d like to present a selection of our top “emotion amplifiers”.


Center Hung Cubes

Center Hung Cubes are the central focal point for important and entertaining information. In a stadium or hall, the Center Hung Cube sits enthroned directly above the field and allows the spectator to see replays, slow-motion sequences, current scores, etc., without taking their eyes off the action. A quick look up allows viewers to stay up to date, while the playing field remains in their peripheral vision.


These are the source of information, per se, for the spectator – whether it’s the team line-up, the current score, or the remaining playing time. Scoreboards provide the spectator with a wealth of information covering all aspects of the game. Missed what the announcer said under the fans’ chants? No problem, it’s right there on the scoreboard – clearly legible and displayed in colour.


The news ticker below the displays keeps the crowd up to date in the truest sense of the word. On one fascia, information can be displayed as if on a moving band for everyone in the stadium or hall to see. The motion effect really catches spectators’ attention. And, of course, these devices also work excellently with pictures and animations.


These provide variation within the perimeter advertising. They therefore increase not only the attention of the viewers, but also the advertising revenues. Because the clips being displayed alternately, the space can be used for many different advertisements. This means there’s also no need to change the Perimeter sections before each use. Furthermore, a Perimeter opens up completely new dimensions for advertising, namely the possibility of using animation and video to inspire spectators.

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