SX [Master] 4K

A few years ago, full HD resolution was still state of the art for LED displays. Today UHD, 4K and HDR are here, ready for transmission and display. Our answer to this market development is SX Master 4K, the new LED controller for S[quadrat] and NEC displays.


When UHD came into play, not only resolution increased, but new color formats established, that are providing up to 12 bit color depth, wider gamut and high dynamic range (HDR). SX Master 4K was designed to support these formats at best, resulting in brilliant colors and high image fidelity.

SX Master 4K is providing high bandwidth input and output connectivity. Based on DisplayPort 1.4a standard, HBR3 rate provides 25.92Gbit/s, offering 4K or UHD input resolution at 60Hz and 12bit color depth. The DisplayPort output is actively managed and can provide a loop through of the input signal, a modified, cropped and overlaid input signal or a copy of the local control user interface, see below.

Output connectivity is based on SFP/SFP+ modules. The 16 SFP/SFP+ cages provide slots for up to 16 Gigabit Ethernet SFPs (either copper or multimode/singlemode optical) or up to four 10-Gigabit SFP+ modules (multi-mode or singlemode) and up to 12 Gigabit Ethernet SFPs. The content output bandwidth is more than 30GBit/s, not including the bandwidth available for supporting redundant ring topologies to support failsafe operations. This outstanding performance makes one single SX [Master] 4K control a full 4K/UHD LED screen at HDR color depth and up to 24b LED greyscale resolution.

SX [Master] 4K is a one stop solution for LED control. Its integrated 7”-TFT touch and an additional jogwheel allow full system control without using an external control PC. Powered by a Linux operating system, SX [Control] software is providing a featurerich user interface for screen setup and operation. An outstanding new feature is a live view of the input signal on full screen or single module level, so you see what you get. Using SX [Master] 4K’s front panel USB connectivity, external mouse and keyboard help operate and save/recall configurations on USB sticks or hard disks. SX [Master] 4K’s user interface is available for remote control through a Gigabit control ethernet interface using VNC clients after authentication.

SX Master 4K system




Video input


DisplayPort socket

Standard size incl. latch


DisplayPort 1.4a

HDCP 2.2 as option

Bandwidth / Resolution

Up to 25.92 GBit/s

1.62, 2.8, 5.4 and 8.1 GBit/s link rate per lane (up to HBR3) including UHD/4K resolutions at 50 and 60Hz frame rates. 3D support included. 8K60Hz support at YCbCr 4:2:0.

Color format

8, 10 or 12 bit per color

RGB 4:4:4, YCbCr 4:4:4 and 4:2:0

Output connector

DisplayPort socket

For buffered input signal or control video signals (monitoring)

LED screen output


SFP (12) & SFP+ (4) cages

Incl. Autodetect and identification


1000 Base-X for SFP


Incl. Autonegotiation

Connectivity modules


Multimode fiber OM3/OM4

Singlemode fiber 9/125µm


RJ-45 for SFP cages

Up to 400m

Up to 20km

Up to 105m


Ethernet layer 2

IEEE 802.3

IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN support)

Max. number of LED modules

Limited by network bandwidth only

Redundancy support


Using Ethernet ring topology

Configuration support

Autodetect for ring and star topologies

Autoassign VLAN

10G external network switch support

LED module status support


LED failures

Power supply failures

Depending on target hardware of LED modules

User interface

Operating system


Running on dual ARM core




LCD screen

Touch Panel

Jog Wheel

USB2.0 ports (4)

800x480 Pixel, 24b color


32 positions, incl. switch

For mouse, keyboard, USB sticks or hard disks



LED control software

Remote control


Using any VNC client on Linux, Windows, MacOS


Linux authentication

Incl. Firewall

Electrical and mechanical


19”, 3U, depth 210 mm approx.

Incl. rack mount support


Aluminum nature anodized

Black imprint front and rear side

Power Inlet


Including latch/lock when used with special cord/connector.

Including fuse holder and fuse (1 AT)

Including power switch

Supply voltage

100-240 VAC +/- 10 %

50-60 Hz +/- 10 %

Current rating

0.8 A

At 110 V

Protection class


i.e. protective earth

Degree of input protection




No Fan


EN 55032 A

Compliant to 2014/30/EC and 2014/35/EC