Our company has been growing and developing for   years. Get to know the people who make our success and progress possible.


General Management

Bernd Eberhardt


Mark Siedentopf

Senior Vice President Operations & Engineering

Andreas Brockschmidt

Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Antonia Franke

Sales & Marketing Assistant

Stephanie Howorka

Senior Sales &
Marketing Specialist

Holger Buck

Project Sales Manager

Heiko Hieber

Project Sales Manager

Constructional Planning & Purchase Management

Marcus Haas

Office & Purchasing Manager

Margarita Michelis

Assistant to Senior Vice President

Steffen Reuter

CAD Designer

Dragan Duvnjak

CAD Designer

Research & Development Quality Management

Rainer Beerhalter

Harald Dürsch

Manager Research & Development

Amy Liao

Production & Quality Manager

Charles Qiao

R & D Production Control

Fabian Ditter

Research & Development Engineer

Software & Hardware Engineers

Project Management & Service Management

Bastian Schwab

Project Manager

Manfred Rittmann

Technical Director – Complex LED Solutions

Patrick Hummler

Senior Manager
Service & Installation

Alexander Boyan

Service Technician

Walter Zick

Service Technician

Mounting & Installation

Martin Schönberger

Senior Manager Installation
& Customer Support

Silvio Hubaty

Manager Mechanical Production

Uwe Müller

Service Technician

Winfried Wohlbold

Service Technician

Andreas Jaufmann


Lukas Malcherek

Service Technician

+ Freelancers