WL60 - Wireless Link

Ever worried about cabling effort when setting up a LED screen? No more worries, please. S[quadrat] presents a new connection technology, WL60, based on a 60GHz RF link between LED modules.


WL60 replaces data cables between cabinets by a reliable, transparent and license-free radio frequency link.
The communication is transparent and bidirectional, compliant to 1000Base-X, i.e. Gigabit Ethernet. Using current RF technologies and directive polarized antennas, the link is capable of transporting up to 5Gbit/s bidirectional, which perfectly matches S[quadrat]‘s existing and upcoming product range of LED fine pitch products, which will use 1.0Gbit/s, 2.5Gbit/s and 5Gbit/s for module interconnection. WL60 customer benefits at a glance:

  • Wireless, license-free
  • Link distance 0-30mm, allows setback protected installation inside LED module
  • Dust-proof plastic cap (RF transparent)
  • No customer-site data cabling work required to interconnect LED modules
  • Safes human workforce, especially in staging / Rock and Roll
  • Protocol agnostic, up to 5 Gbit/s bidirectional
  • Low power, RF only 300mW per side at 5Gbit/s
  • WL60 will be integrated on main chassis of upcoming LED module products as cost effective link solution, gaining cost benefits over fiber at same reliability